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Silicone & Acrylic
Silicone & Acrylic


The acrylic and silicone through coloured top coats are applied over high polymer base coats.  These products are pre-mixed in a variety of colours and are applied using trowels and finished with plastic floats.  There is a great range of colours available.

The products both give a lightly textured type of finish, in a standard 1.5mm grain. 


Both have an expected lifetime of over twenty years and both have become increasingly popular finishes. 

Silicone top coats are one of the more flexible top coats you can apply, the “thin coat” application further increases the flexibility of the product. 

Modern materials such as silicone are also hydrophobic, meaning they repel water.  This quality aids the cleaning of the product - as the water simply runs off the surface, meaning that any rain water/dirty water from gutters etc, does not cause any issues to the wall surface. 

Acrylic render contains resins which provide stain resistance and flexibility, which greatly reduces the risk of cracking, although they are not breathable.

They are also cheaper than silicone coats. 

Although similar, the silicone top coats are superior to acrylic in terms of flexibility and the breathable quality.  At Ecotex we pride ourselves on only using the best quality products.  For that reason, we only provide a silicone top coat range, but we make no additional charge than if we were using acrylic.

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