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Insulation Costs

Here we break down the costs, with pros and cons of each type of render.

We can also provide rough estimations from photo's and google streetview, but as you can understand, these would just be guide costings. As each building and structure is unique in its own way, we would always need to send out a surveyor most of the time to provide a proper quotation.


The prices listed below are given as a rough guide for a standard semi-detached house. (3x straight sides. no gable)

Render can vary in cost depending on the system and materials used. Each quote that is provided may fluctuate depending on the cost of labour, materials, scaffolding etc.


A standard semi detached house in a basic sand and cement would be in the region of £2500 - £3500 and then this would require regular painting as well.

Basic sand and cement with a painted finish is the cheapest option. This requires all existing render to be knocked off and this will cause damage to the brick faces / substrate.

Variance in mix, will produce surface cracks due to being a hand mixed product. The surface would have to be painted every few years to maintain a good condition.


A high polymer / silicone system that comes with a guarantee of 15 years and finished (no painting required) would be £5500 - £6900. The benefits of a high polymer / silicone system far outweigh that of sand and cement, because there is no need to knock off any solid render, as these modern materials are designed specifically to infill and overcoat the existing substrate.

The manufacturers we purchase our render from, have laboratories that are constantly testing their products to maintain the highest quality. 


While the initial cost seems more, you will benefit from a warmer home, and reduced bills permanently and although the Government figures show a general cost of £9000 - £14,000, Ecotex are pleased to be able to give a price indication on a standard semi detached of £8,900 - £10,900. This includes a fully insulated top of the range system with a 25 year guarantee. (Insurance backed guarantee's available).

Ecotex became the highest rated installer in the local area for installing insulation, and we continue to maintain our high standard.

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