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Insulation Process


We work around you. 


If you have any specific requirements, for example, installation dates & timeframes, we will do our very best to accomodate these.  The office staff liaise with you directly to arrange any works & scaffolding etc.

Once ready, your works report is passed to a team leader/s, who will run your job from start to finish.  They are a friendly bunch that have all worked with us for a very long time.  On the first day, your team leader will run through the work with you to give you peace of mind on everything to be completed.

Working from Home

Any enabling work (extending of taps, pipes etc) will be completed alongside any preparation work per elevation.  Any loose or spoiled / blown existing render is removed and areas infilled as required.

Before we start, all areas are protected, windows, doors, driveways etc.


  Insulation base rails are installed and fixed in place prior to the insulation boards to create a level. Insulation boards are applied, fixed with plastic anchors to avoid any rust or thermal bridging from metal pins.  Our UPVC beads are applied to corners and edges to keep sharp straight lines.

We use high polymer breathable basecoats with polypropelene mesh as required.  Any "stress areas" are double meshed to prevent cracking.  The base coat is applied in two coats and is then left to dry & cure.  Once set, a primer coat is applied if this is required within the system specification.

The application of your chosen top coat colour is then applied. 

We only use tried and trusted hand application methods.  Every detail is applied by our installers, no spray machines or cement mixers in sight.

If you're looking for a way to save on your energy bills, our external wall insulation service is the perfect solution. Our team of experts provides professional installation that is designed to help you reduce your carbon footprint and increase your home's energy efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your insulation goals and save on your utility bills this year & every year.

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