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Through Coloured


The term through coloured is used for a variety of renders, the basic meaning is that the colour for the system is built in to the products, rather than a painted finish. 

Therefore any of the below can be classed as through coloured renders.

KRend – We offer a hand applied, sponge finished through colour render system. 

This avoids all of the mess of a scrape back product, but the colour is within the product with no painting required.  This is applied in between 6-15mm finishes.

Silicone top coats – This system is a through coloured top coat, although a standard base coat (in light grey) the top coat is pre mixed with the colour of choice. 

The silicone top coat is 1.5mm thick layer.


Mineral – Mineral top coats are available in pre-mixed colour, although for these we actually recommend using a Pliolite finish, which gives the product an added layer of weatherproofing.  Mineral top coats are 2-3mm thick.

Monocouche / Scrape back render is done in one or two coats, both usually of the same colour – hence through coloured.  Scrape back is applied between 18 – 22mm and scraped back to 12 – 15mm.

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