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Monocouche is often referred to as scrape back render.  Monocouche simply means “one coat” but is often applied in two passes. 

The render is applied in thick coats, a scratcher tool is then used to scrape the top layers off, creating the textured look finish. 


Monocouche can be machine or hand applied.  Once the render is applied to the required thickness, it is left to set and harden for a few hours (depending on temperatures) before the top coat can be scraped back.  Monocouche is a very popular choice, but the scraping back process does create a lot of dust debris. 

The render is applied in 18 – 22mm and scraped back to 12 – 15mm.


The other drawback of monocouche is natural light, the effect of the sun on the render as it dries can alter the colour is small areas – for example, an area in direct sunlight will dry faster than an area within shade, the colour on each area will be slightly different. 


We do provide a monocouche render system – but we will always advise you to be aware of slight differences in the colour.  

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