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Whatever the condition of your property, we have the experience and expertise to add charm and character to its exterior.



Ecotex Contracts Ltd is a family company that has been established over 30 years.
We specialise in
affordable domestic and commercial
render applications.
We have proudly completed large complex projects with The Heritage Trust and the BBC.
Guaranteed work ranging from 15 years to 25 years depending on the render system.


Do you have a specific project that you’d like a quotation for? Want some more information about the services we offer?


At Ecotex we have vast experience and knowledge so you can feel comfortable knowing that we can offer a variety of affordable render systems for you're home.


A house is potentially one of the biggest purchases you can make, so it only makes sense to ensure and guarantee you get the most out of it.

Thats where Ecotex comes in, we offer very affordable insulated systems and we can show each customer how much money they would save on each energy bill.

We also offer more traditional render services using polymer based renders which have proved alot more effective over the years versus sand and cement systems which are renown for cracking.



With energy bills on the rise, the insulation system has been very popular over the past few years.


We are a member of the government funded Green Deal and have taken part in the Green Home Grant scheme and have installed a large percentage of the homes in the West Midlands with insulation.

You also don't have to have all of your home insulated, you can mix and match and our supervisors can help locate cold areas within your home.



We have completed several large-scale contracts over the West Midlands and sometimes further afield where complex planning, time-scaled work, and cost effectiveness has been required.


This includes anything from very old buildings, shops, schools, new-build and even a pink windmill!

We have also completed projects that have required expert skill and knowledge in rendering for listed buildings and The Heritage Trust.

Our skilled tradesmen have used many different types of render and have the training to deal with all applications.